I came across a comment that said “The Pharmacy Guild should not represent pharmacists anymore” in regards to an article about low pay putting the profession at risk.

Here is what I shared on the matter:

“I agree that the current pay rate for pharmacists is NOT justified. It should not be this low and I can assure you, we DO NOT pay award wages in my pharmacies. We try to pay pharmacists even more by giving them bonus when they increase remuneration through professional services.

The Pharmacy Guild represents pharmacy owners. The dropping PBS margins, increased competition, and the high rental rates are causing great difficulty for many owners. We need to make sure that we get the most amount of REMUNERATION in the next Agreement, but also start to unlock other sources of remuneration outside the PBS. This is what my platform is about.

If community pharmacy wins, all pharmacists will win and rates will go up!

Visit www.catherinebronger.com.au for more about my platform, detailed policy and industry endorsements.”

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