Recently, I was asked “What kind of support are you going to provide us with?”

Here was my response:

“The best way I can support you is by FIGHTING to keep this industry and the way the government treats it honest. We have too much invested and work too long and hard in our businesses to have an increasingly uneven playing field emerge.

Firstly, we must keep OWNERSHIP in pharmacist hands and expose models that attack this. Otherwise our industry will fall apart.

Secondly, we must get adequate REMUNERATION for dispensing! We have been squeezed too far! As we increase our scope of practice, we must make sure PPIs are paid on top of this remuneration for supply, not in placement of it. The government CANNOT squeeze supply any further. Owners won’t stand for it and pharmacists whose hourly rates are dropping because of this squeeze won’t stand for it.

And thirdly, we need to make sure that we start to unlock other sources of remuneration outside the PBS that supports a workforce of specialised (and highly paid) community pharmacists.

Please call me anytime to discuss this further on 0414 643 290. I’d like to understand your situation more. In the meantime, please feel free to look at my detailed policy at”

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