I have lived and breathed pharmacy my whole life and my whole life is invested in pharmacy. Like you, I stand to lose everything, if the industry is not protected, defended and grown. This is my fighting policy:

1. I will PROTECT pharmacy ownership at all costs.

2. I will FIGHT to keep drugs in Pharmacy and Pharmacist Only categories.
– Paracetamol and Ibuprofen should NOT be in supermarkets.
– Codeine must remain in the hands of pharmacists.
– I will vehemently DEFEND any scheduling out of these categories.

3. We must have a Visionary 7th Community Pharmacy Agreement.

4. I will FIGHT for decent dispensing remuneration.

5. I will lobby to GROW Pharmacist Prescribing in areas like OCP, ED, UTI, etc.

6. I will lobby to GROW other sources of income for pharmacy outside the PBS from the health budget in areas like Diabetes Education and Chronic Pain.

7. I will GROW a workforce of specialised community pharmacists in areas like Asthma, Pain Management, Diabetes, Obesity Management, and Mental Health.

8. I will work with all sectors of the industry provided it benefits members.

9. I will FIGHT tirelessly to be an advocate for the pharmacy profession.