I have delivered in the first 3 years, as NSW sole negotiator, on 7CPA by negotiating:
– An increase and (for the first time) guarantee in dispensing remuneration
– A block on 60-day dispensing (that would have decreased prescription volumes by 30%)
– The delinking of the location rules from the Agreement
– Foundations for pharmacists to fulfil scope of practice

Furthermore, as Chair of the National Policy and Regulation Sub-Committee, I have represented Community Pharmacy on Commonwealth health reform committees, advocated fast-track of ASL alongside token e-script and bolstered the S3s by supporting appropriate S4 down-scheduling (e.g. Triptans).

Now with your help, I will be in a position to deliver more.

As your Chair of the Pharmacy Viability Committee, I will:
1. Negotiate the next Agreement (8th) to success
2. Negotiate the COVID-19 vaccine into Community Pharmacy scope of practice with NIP/MBS funding
3. Negotiate to source funds for Members outside the restrictive big banks
4. Negotiate to build essential relationships with industry, government, and health groups and have them siding with us in government applications

With your input and support, I will get the job done. For my full policy, visit catherinebronger.com.au or call 0414643290.